Our Approach

With over 19 years of experience, Seattle Headshots has developed a method to get the best possible photos of you.

We keep our clients at ease

When providing our clients with headshots, it is our goal to have the most relaxed experience possible. Since most people aren’t used to having hundreds of photos taken of them, we try to keep your comfort level high. We get to know you and what kind of roles you are looking for. The most frequent feedback we get from our customers is how much they felt at ease while working with us.

We shoot all our headshots in outdoor natural light

I think shooting in natural light gives the best overall look and allows us the opportunity to find multiple backdrops that work best. The Seattle area is unlike anywhere else in the country and allows us a huge palette of colors and textures to shoot with. Our clients find that our non-rushed approach from spot-to-spot gives us time to get to know each other, thus keeping you relaxed and looking your best.

Male Headshot photo

We have a team of talented retouchers

Our team personally color corrects and retouches all our photos. What you see on this site is how your photos will look- eye catching! Many hours are spent in the retouching process to get your final look just right. We have spent years refining our coloring and retouching techniques to apply to your headshots. When you order photo prints from us, we also have a custom print house we use that delivers the highest quality prints industry-wide.

We have worked in television production

We have worked on various television and film shoots for years, seeing which images casting directors pick over others. We have perfected the technique to draw the viewer’s eye to your face all the while giving a perfectly saturated image with crisp detail. You’ll find your photo rising to the top of the pile more often.

“The photos look great! I am very pleased with them…And so is my mom! You’re the greatest Ian!”