Headshot Client Testimonials

Our portrait photography company is built on your successes- there is really no other way to put it. Here are A FEW...

“Ian is great to work with and incredibly talented. He is both professional and personable. My photo shoot was really enjoyable. My photos came out so well I had a hard time deciding on which I liked the best. He is the best I found in Seattle if you are looking for something tasteful and sophisticated. Look no further!”

Ethan N

“Ian is very friendly and easy to work with. We went out to Ballard for our shooting and it was just a pleasant day out. He sent back the proofs within a couple of days and I picked out my favorite images (which were awesome to begin with). Then he sent me back the final images a few days later. The final images are incredible. My eyes are focused and well lit in each shot, he polished up my skin, and took out everything distracting in the photo. They are the best pictures I’ve had of myself. I’m using

them for my acting portfolio.I am a male and didn’t need to use his makeup artist. I would definitely recommend getting your pictures done here. They feel more alive than one’s taken from a studio.”

Sean P.

“…Also, I’d like to thank you again for the wonderful experience! I was quite nervous since I’ve never photographed well in the past and haven’t had pictures taken in years. It was a blast and the pictures turned out better than I could’ve imagined. Thanks a bunch!”

Eleanore D.

“Ian was so helpful through the whole process. I loathe taking my pictures but during the shoot he was so encouraging and it shows in my pictures. I received the proofs quickly and the final retouched shots were amazing. In just a few hours after posting them on my business page I’ve received several comments and private messages regarding my new picture! I highly recommend using this company. The session was just perfect. I feel very confident using the new pictures for all of my real estate marketing and will continue to use Ian for my photography needs!”

Nicole B.

“I did my new headshots with Ian and he was great to work with.  Very pleasant and patient with me.  I am one of those actors that love to perform – but don’t like doing headshots.  He made it easy.  And his processed photos (and even the unretouched photos) look great.  He is very skilled.”

Ingrid B.

“OH MY GOSSSH!!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR THESE IAN!!!! I don’t really like solos of myself, but I can actually say I love these pics!!! Thanks so much for everything.  We’ll be contacting you again for future shoots (maternity, family, anniversaries, vacation shoots in Seattle-haha), I’m sure! We still have our whole lives ahead of us =)  Thanks again!”

Mildred I.

“Ian was really great to work with, and my final picture was better than I could have hoped for.  I was overdue for updating my profile picture for my various networks because I hate every picture taken of me.  After just an hour or so with Ian, he took many pictures and then presented me with a selection of the best.  From there I was able to pick my favorite and he cleaned it up.  It’s me…..only much better! We did get rained out on our first attempt, but scheduling and re-scheduling were very easy.  Everything else was done online and it was simple.  I had my final picture just a few days after our session.  Will definitely plan on working with Ian again when I’m ready for an update.”

Ann V.

“Thank you so much for such a quick turn-around! It was great meeting you yesterday, and I really love the photos. It’s nice to finally have photos that look and feel like me – so much more authentic than a studio photo!”

Marian R.

“You’re a bloody genius...


Valerie E.

“I believe a major component of why Ian’s work is so good lies in his ability to make his subjects feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Ian also had a very good eye for my wardrobe and some of my favorite “looks” came from Ian’s suggestions. I highly recommend Seattle Headshots to anyone interested in high quality, natural looking head shots for a very reasonable price.”

Joe R.

“The photos look great!  I am very pleased with them…And so is my mom!  

You’re the greatest Ian!”

Kelsie H.

“Thank you so much!

These are all so great I can hardly wait to start using them!”

Emily L.

“Amazing work as usual-

I’ve passed your name around several times.”

Blaine P.

“WOW! The photos ALL OF THEM were amazing! You totally captured Brandon’s essence. PS Brandon says hi and remember the dead gross bird!”

Brandon's Mom